Fatbikerafting the Arctic by Andrew Badenoch — Kickstarter

Here is the stuff of Alaskan Legend.  It’s the stuff of childhood dreams – that is if you had dreams to “do epic stuff”.  Lord knows I did and I think everyone can relate somewhat to.  Read of on Andrew Badenoch’s quest on ‘Fatbikerafting the Arctic’ Kickstarter page and listen to him talk it up on ‘Latest in Paleo’ podcast.

I’m tuning in.

From Kickstarter page:

All I want is to do epic stuff across the face of our amazing planet, then tell you about it so you can do the epic stuff you want to do. Is that so much to ask?

In the last week of March 2012, I’m heading north to the Arctic Ocean on foot, fatbike, and packraft. The estimated duration of the expedition is 6-8 months, but may vary significantly due to ice, ocean, and ground conditions throughout.

  • 7,000 Miles
  • 7 Rivers
  • Zero Fuel
  • 2 Oceans
  • 4 Mountain Ranges
  • ANWR

The project is a film documenting the adventure. It would be naivete or hubris to pitch you a plotline before I’ve left. I’m confident that my mind will be sufficiently blown, and I’ll do my best to translate that into something that will inspire others to experience the sublimity of wildness and wilderness.

via Fatbikerafting the Arctic by Andrew Badenoch — Kickstarter.

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