Iditarod Update!

Iditarod | Last Great Race on Earth®.

Dan Seavey is still in first place – If the race were to turn around and go the other way.  We love you Dan!  Everyone can root for a ‘Winner’ – but what the hell is a winner anyway?  We, here at, care about the ‘Red Lantern’, the guy in the back.  You’re not a slow poke.  You’re not the rotten egg.  You’re our hero!  Keep fighting and keep mushing.  Just finish the race (and safely).

Matt Failor is moved up a few hours and has left Rohn checkpoint.  Jan Steves, Bob Chlupach and Dan are still in Rohn this morning.  Let’s go guys (I know Jan is a lady, but I used the genderless ‘guys’ in this case)


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