Iditarod Update: Jim Lanier is in first place!

Iditarod | Last Great Race on Earth®.

Here we are so far.  We starting tracking the last spot, as a lark.  But, now I’ve got Iditarod Fever.  This got kicked up a notch when I ‘saw double’ – of course I’m talking about the Berington sisters.

And, when I think of beautiful ladies, I think of my mom who lives in Valdez.  And, while she doesn’t have Iditarod fever – Yet, as I hear it is highly contagious – She does know some of the stories reported in the news.  Like one of our favorites – Dan Seavey has a son and grandson in the race.  Three generations of dog mushers on the iditarod trail.  That’s cool.

And, She  knows that there’s a musher named Lanier in the race.  That’s our family name and imagine my surprise this morning when I see that Jim is in first place. Jim Lanier is Winning the Iditarod!  Typically, we root for the ‘Red Lantern’, but because we share a last name, we are making an exception.  Go JIM!

looking very dashing”]

Other Folks we are cheering for

Matt Failor   Moving up two spots yesterday and got into McGrath late last night.

Seeing Double Sisters: Kristy Berington and Anna Berington in 44th and 43rd spot respectively.  And, we are rooting for them, cause well they are pretty and cool.

Dan Seavey is hanging on to the lantern and it seems he is sticking with Jan Steves and Bob Chlupach. They are in Nikolai … Wait, Jan and Bob left this morning early without Dan.


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