Crow Village Iditarod Blog: Rumble on the River


Crow Village Iditarod Blog: Rumble on the River.

I saw this picture and my iditarod fever shot up to 103.  I love the color and the eerie feel.  It’s other worldly.  It makes we want to write a sci-fi short story about mushers on another planet.

What it must be like to be out in that environment.  Could it be the aurura reflected in the dogs eyes?  Awesome.



I think I’m the low man on the Idiabloger totem-pole.  Have you heard this term?  I’m not a big dog mushing race fan – I don’t know the Squwentana 300 from the sprint races to the indy 500 – but I’m interested this year, for some reason.

Matt Failor  and Dan left Ophir close together.

Seeing Double Sisters: Kristy Berington and Anna Berington

C’mon gang!

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