Iditarod Updates: Dallas and Aliy Battle for the lead

Crow Village Iditarod Blog

DRAMA ALERT!  Dallas Seavey is racing to win saying, “that he has been holding back his team, waiting to release the “monster”.  Aliy seems to have popped too early and her team is tiring before the finish.

This video – look at the body language and tone of voice – says alot.


Raw video: Iditarod leaders Aliy Zirkle and Dallas Seavey from Kyle on Vimeo.


More on our gang:
Matt Failor: 52nd place out of Galena

Seeing Double Sisters: Kristy Berington and Anna Berington – 44 and 45th place in Nulato

Dan Seavey is hanging on to the lantern and it seems he is sticking with Jan Steves and Bob Chlupach – Just like before. Ruby is their current home on the trail.

Good luck everyone!

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