Iditarod Update – Our Gang is still racing

Iditarod | Last Great Race on Earth


Anna Berington

Kristy Berington - iditarod musher 2012
Kristy Berington

Matt Failor - 2012 Iditarod Musher
Matt Failor

Dan Seavey - 2012 Iditarod Musher
Dan Seavey

These fine folks – these Hero Mushers of the Iditarod trail!  Why are are watching them as oppose to all the other racers?  Do you really need to ask in the case of the Berington Sisters?  And, Dan?  He is the Patriarch, the GRAND PAPA of the trail.  Matt?  Well, he was with Dan on the first day and we just sort of picked the rookie up.

The race is winding down.  The winners are doing brodies with their new truck.  But… out on the trail our racers are still grinding it out.   Still mushing.  Still in the wilderness.  Still hoping to see Nome and the crowds and the burled arch – the symbols that the race is over and the race is won, for them.

Good Luck, My Champions!

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