BBC News – US Coast Guard sinks tsunami ‘ghost ship’

It was adrift about 195 miles from Sitka, Alaska, when it was sunk, officials said.

via BBC News – US Coast Guard sinks tsunami ‘ghost ship’.

A ‘ghost ship’ of the coast of Alaska!  It had been drifting for over a year and met it’s demise in Southeast Alaska.  Demise? final resting place in 9,000 feet of sea water.

A Canadian crew tried to claim salvage rights, but they decided against it.  Also, the Alaskan coast guard decided to NOT unload the fuel from the ship.  There was 2,113 gallons of diesel on board.  Dang!  My buddy had to pay a fine for spilling 10 gallons of diesel in the Valdez Boat Harbor.  I suppose it was just too risky to pump it out.  Understandable. And, it would be in extreme poor taste to fee the Japanese for this… heart goes out to those people.

Anyway, the video of them shooting the boat is pretty cool – check it out!

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