Updates – Tailgate Alaska

Tailgate Alaska and the Flow World Freeride Championship

The results are in - Top 8 dudes and all the ladies are in the Finals!

Flow Freeride Championship Men

  1. Scotty Loso
  2. Brandon Reid
  3. Cody Beach
  4. Max Zipster –Blog Page
  5. Mike Marohn –Mike Marohn on Vimeo
  6. Donny Mills – Donny can’t be contained by the internet
  7. Sammy Lucbke – Lib Tech » Sammy Luebke
  8. Micah Hoogaveen – Micah Hoogeveen on Vimeo and Micah Hoogeveen (micahhoogeveen) on Twitter
  9. Will Bromliesick
  10. Sin Biyamq
  11. Mark Carter
  12. Danny Delozier

Top 8 in the Finals.

Flow Freeride Championship Women

  1. Emily Weir
  2. Yoko Nakamura
  3. Nathalie Zenklussen
  4. Cecelia Millac
  5. Sarka Pancochova

Top 2 are in the Finals.

These are the results from the Flow Freeride Championship at Tailgate AK.  The top 8 men qualify and top 5 women qualify for the finals. If you have links to more stuff about them, please share in the comments below!

Check out the websites below for more details.  Good luck riders!

Summary and event write ups

Event and Valdez Information:

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