Winners! Flow Freeride Championship – Tailgate AK

Who won? The dude with the giant sword, Brandon Reid. Photo: Big Mountain Taxi

Brandon Reid
holds the sword and the cash. 10,000 in 100 dollar bills. That’s cash money. Screw the big check, they got a big ass sword!

Emily Weer wins for the Women!  Her facebook update below:

Wholy Shiza…..I did it!!! Bringing a sword and a whole lot of amazing memories back to Tahoe. Yoko from japan killed it…Natalie from Switzerland, Sharka from Check Republic….etc. Can’t really believe it…stoked to come home and ride some pow. Queen of the hill for today.

Check out all the event photos and updates at Tailgate AK facebook page

Tailgate Alaska and Flow Freeride Championship in Thompson Pass, AK

The final results:

1. Brandon Reid 2. Sammy Luebke 3. Mikey Marohn 4. Max Zipster 5. Donny Mills 6. Scotty Lago 7. Micah Hoogaveen 8. Cody Beach

1. Emily Weer 2.Yoko Nakamura

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