Alaska Experience Theatre – Open House

Alaska Experience Theatre is having an open house for all the tourism related employees.  This is a great idea.  My parents visited Anchorage last Summer and they hid from the rain in the Alaska Experience Theatre.  THEY LOVED IT.  My Dad couldn’t stop talking about the earthquake.  Too funny.

You know what else is funny?  They are screening “THE BIG LEBOWSKI” and serving microbrews.  It’s like a Lewbowski Fest Anchorage.  I would definitely show up as ‘the Jesus’ or maybe the police chief of Malibu.  Anything can happen in AK~!

from the website:


Friday, May 11
5:00pm – 9:30pm

What is it?
A chance for all tourism, hospitality, restaurant employees to experience the Alaska Experience Theatre and 1964 Earthquake Museum

What is the cost?
Nothing!  This is a free event.  Please register when checking in.

What’s going on?
You can check out any or all of our 30-minute Alaska films, the 15-minute 1964 film with hydraulic “safequake” simulator, and the 1964 Earthquake Museum.

Where is this place?
In the big blue mall on the corner of 4th & C.  333 West 4th Ave.  907-272-9076

What if I’m hungry?
No problem.  Light snacks and beverages provided.

Can I bring a date?
Sure.  Bring a friend or significant other.

Is it all-ages?
Yes.  However, at 10:00pm we are screening THE BIG LEBOWSKI in our main theatre.  This event is ages 21 and over because we will be serving local microbrews.

Please RSVP for Lebowski – Limited to 100 Seats – Ages 21 and over, only.

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