Native Youth Olympics 2012 at Anchorage’s Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center

 Started in 1972, the NYO Games, previously known as the Native Youth Olympics, includes 10 events based on games past generations of Alaska Native people played as a way to test their hunting and survival skills, increase strength and maintain endurance, agility and the balance of mind and body. The Eskimo stick pull, for instance, is based on a strengthening exercise that Native hunters would do to prepare themselves for pulling seals out of the water. Although events are based on traditional Alaska Native activities, the competition is open to all Alaska students from seventh to 12th grade, regardless of ethnicity.  – from

I love the Native Youth Olympics.  It’s the perfect way to celebrate the unique and wonderful Alaskan heritage and Alaskan school kids.  I bet they had a blast!

Big Congrats to everyone who participated- Especially, hometown Valdez girl, Marian Wamsley. She set a WORLD RECORD in the one-toe high kick.

ADN Coverage:  Native Youth Olympics kick off today: Arctic Games | Alaska news at and ADN Photos: Native Youth Olympics 2012: Nyo | Alaska news at

Cook Inlet Tribal Council – NYO main page and official information

Pamyua played a concert:

The Native Youth Olympics Events:

The Results of the 2012 Native Youth Olympics!

Thank you Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Kneel Jump – Female

1st     Apaay Campbell, BSSD, 50 1/2″
2nd    Kendall Dray, Dillingham, 44 1/2″
3rd     Jordan Kashatok, LKSD, 44 1/4″
4th     Autumn Ridley, ANCA, 43 1/4″
5th     Molly Norback, MEHS, 41 1/4″

Kneel Jump – Male

1st     Austin Sundown, Anchorage Team B, 61 3/4″
2nd    Dylan Magnusen, Unalaska, 60″
3rd     Yako McCarr, LKSD, 57 1/2″
4th     Steven Ahvakana, Anchorage Team A, 53 1/2″
5th     Martin Gardiner, Dillingham, 51 1/2″


Wrist Carry – Female

1st     Jorden Lisak, Dillingham, 373′ 4 1/2″
2nd    Samantha Ishnook, SWRSD, 307′
3rd     Amanda Burke, Mat-Su, 282′
4th     Rizalie Rollin, Unalaska, 259′ 8″
5th     Elena Evan, LKSD, 251′ 8″


Wrist Carry – Male

1st     Daniel Miller, Dillingham, 593′ 4 1/2″
2nd    Jacob McAnulty, Mat-Su Team B, 488′ 1/2″
3rd     Aaron Ulroan, Chevak, 481′ 7 1/2″
4th     Solomon Nashookpuk, Pt. Hope, 469′
5th     David Chagluak, LKSD, 424′ 9″‘


Alaskan High Kick – Female

1st     Autumn Ridley, Anchorage Team A, 82″ (New World Record)
2nd    Kaley Rolf, Dillingham, 77″
3rd     Chinace Egoak, LKSD, 73″
4th     Raven Phillips, Aniak, 68″
5th     Tahnee Esparzam, BSSD, 68″


Alaskan High Kick – Male

1st     Yako McCarr, LKSD, 93″ (Tied State Record)
2nd    Andrew Demientieff, Anchorage Team A, 90″
3rd     Daniel Adams, Mat-Su, 86″
4th     Austin Sundown, Anchorage Team B, 86″
5th     Everdan Sugabo, Unalaska, 84″



Eskimo Stick Pull – Female

1st     Mariam Wamsley, Valdez
2nd    Mesa Rohrer, Gilson
3rd     Shalisa F., Anchorage Team B
4th     Amber Shields, Anchorage Team A
5th     Kaity Wasillie, Bristol Bay


Eskimo Stick Pull – Male

1st     Dalton Beatie, Mat-Su Team A
2nd    Travis Turgiuna, SWRSD
3rd     Jaylin Prince, MEHS
4th     Lonner McConnell, Unalaska
5th     Johnathan Wilson, Kenaitze


Toe Kick – Female

1st     Raven Phillips, Aniak, 76″ (New State Record) Video interview with her from the 2011 NYO
2nd    Renee Romer, MEHS, 58″ 3m/50
3rd     Alecia Egoak, LKSD, 58″ 4m/50
4th     Jonisha Wilson, BSSD, 58″ 6m/38
5th     Rebekah Sawers, LYSD, 58″ 8m/50


Toe Kick – Male

1st     Michael Charles, LKDS, 90″
2nd    Chris Undbo, Anchorage Team A, 85″
3rd     Michael Kanuk, Nenana, 84″
4th     Kevin Horton, Mat-Su Team A, 76″ 2m
5th     Forest Strick, Mat-Su Team B, 76″ 3m


One Hand Reach – Female

1st     Revie Tony, LKSD, 59″
2nd    Brittany Akaren, MEHS, 58″
3rd     Kristen Smecten, Dillingham, 58″ 1m
4th     Rebecca Brink, BRHS, 54″ 1m @ 54″
5th     Chelsea Morrow, Burchell, 54″ 1m @ 50″


One Hand Reach – Male

1st     Jeremy Andrew, LKSD, 65″
2nd    Dennis Wilson, Dillingham, 64″
3rd     Douglas Krukoff, Unalaska, 63″
4th     Andrew Demientieff, Anchorage Team !, 62″
5th     Vance Gregory, Mat-Su Team B, 62″ 1m


Two-Foot High Kick – Female

1st     Autumn Ridley, Anchorage Team A, 75″
2nd    Tahnee Esparza, BSSD, 73″
3rd     Frederica Shaeffer, Mat-Su Team A, 67″
4th     Kendall Dray, Dillingham, 67″ 1m
5th     Teresa Korn, McGrath, 66″ 2m


Two-Foot High Kick – Male

1st     Andrew Demientieff, Anchorage Team A, 94″
2nd    Austin Sumdum, Anchorage Team B, 94″ 1m
3rd     Kevin Brown, LKSD, 90″ 1m
4th     Stuart Towarak, BSSD, 90″ 3m
5th     Donavan Phillips, MEHS, 90″ 6m


Indian Stick Pull – Female

1st     Olivia Shields, Anchorage Team B
2nd    Deborah Hersrud, NWA BSD
3rd     Summer Ulroan, Chevak
4th     Christina Glenzel, KP NYO
5th     Lori Paul, LKSD


Indian Stick Pull – Male

1st     Mike McCain, Valdez
2nd    Randy Standur, Tebughah
3rd     Forrest Strick, Mat-Su Team A
4th     Charles Teer, Lathrop
5th     Daniel Ballais, Mat-Su Team B


One-Foot High Kick – Female

1st     Marion Wamsley, Valdez, 92″ (New World Record)
2nd    Autumn Ridley, Anchorage Team A, 87″
3rd     Tahnee Esparza, BSSD, 82″
4th     Jordan Lisac, Dillingham, 80″
5th     Ashley Apangolook, Mat-Su Team A, 79″


One-Foot High Kick – Male

1st     Stuart Towarak, BSSD, 112″ – Video of the winning effort
2nd    Jens Irelan, Nome, 106″
3rd     Andrew Demientieff, Anchorage Team A, 104″
4th     William Byrd, Mat-Su Team A, 104″ 1m
5th     Donovan Phillip, MEHS, 104″ 2m


Seal Hop – Female

1st     Dajan Treder, Anchorage Team A, 160′ 9 1/4″
2nd    Teresa Korn, McGrath, 128′ 4 3/4″
3rd     Kristin Smetchen, Dillingham, 126′ 9 1/4″
4th     Haley O’Brien, Bethel, 123′ 9 1/4″
5th     Megan Friday, LKSD, 118′ 5 3/4″


Seal Hop – Male

1st     Michael Kanuk, Nenana, 139′ 5″
2nd    Demck Black, Galena, 133′ 9 1/2″
3rd     Fabian Pete, LYSD, 121′ 3 3/4″
4th     Eddie Chuchkwurk, LKSD, 120′
5th     Wigberto Gonzalez, Mat-Su Team A, 118′ 11″


Records set at this year’s NYO games!

One-Foot High Kick – Female

1st     Marion Wamsley, Valdez, 92″ (New World Record)

Alaskan High Kick – Female

1st     Autumn Ridley, Anchorage Team A, 82″ (New World Record)

Alaskan High Kick – Male

1st     Yako McCarr, LKSD, 93″ (Tied State Record)

Toe Kick – Female

1st     Raven Phillips, Aniak, 76″ (New State Record) – Video interview with her from the 2011 NYO


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