The winners are in, but the race is not over

God loves a working man.  And we all love the brave mushers on the Iditarod trail.  Winning takes skill and courage and lucky and determination and all the ideals of a champion.  Winning is great.  But, I feel drawn to the finishers.  Those willing to stick it out.  Complete the race.  Make the end of the trail. See it thru and deliver that serum to Nome.

I guess I’m thinking about this because The old gang all pulled out and it’s all rookies in line for the Red Lantern.  Last year there were a few vets in the pack and I imagined the stories told and memories relived of past Iditarod Glory.  But this year is all rookies.

Lisbet Norris (r) and Elliot Anderson (r) could take home the red lantern.  These two have different backgrounds, but both young and both rookies.

cheer them on!  I’m glad to know they are out there and I hope they make it safe to Nome with stories to tell.


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