Traveler's Guide to Cordova, Alaska

Cordova Alaska


Historic Cordova once acted much the same as Valdez does today. Time was 1910 and the mineral was not oil, but Copper. The Kennicott Copper mine built a railroad along the Copper river to transport the ore to a marine terminal in Cordova. Much like today's Alyeska Trans-Alaska Oil pipeline, it was very expensive and used the latest technology.

Nowadays, Cordova is a quaint little fishing town in Prince William Sound that provides visitors a glimpse at the rustic and adventurous side of Alaska. It's known for the Shorebird Festival and Iceworm festival, which started in 1961!

Maps of Cordova and the region

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Driving in Alaska

Fly in!: The World famous Alaskan Airways are a perfect way to make an entrance to Cordova. You can fly Alaska Air, Era Aviation, or try the local flavor of a small operator like Jim's. Costs on Era from Anchorage to Cordova is around $130-$150 one way for a 45 min flight.

Alaska State Ferry: The AMHS (Alaska Marine Highway System) docks in the downtown of Cordova. This is the best way to access the town and provides a beautiful trip from Valdez or Whititer through Prince William Sound. The State ferry allows you to take a car or camper AND you can get a little sightseeing done on the deck! The ferry from Whittier, walking on is approximately $60 and takes a little over 3 hours


Whittier Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle over spruce in Prince William Sound by Cecil Sanders, on Flickr


There are a number of Bed and Breakfasts in Cordova, as well as a few hotels and fishing lodges. Additionally, there are State Park campgrounds and Forest service cabins near Cordova in Prince William Sound which some of Alaska's hidden gems.



When you visit the place with the most famous salmon the world has ever known - the copper river red - be sure to taste some. I like my red salmon grilled over a campfire, but these restaurants do a pretty good job too. Also, a taco bus and a wood fired pizza oven.


Fishing Charters, Outfitters, and Glacier Tours

Fishing from Cordova is excellent. You can fish for Salmon, Halibut, lingcod, and rock fish with one of the professional fishing charter boats. It's proximity to the deep halibut holes at the entrance to Prince William Sound and the Salmon runs in the Copper River Delta make Cordova THE fishing destination in Prince William Sound.


The happy couple

The happy couple enjoying champange and a glacier cruise in Prince William Sound by WordRidden, on Flickr

Festivals and Events in Cordova, Alaska

The best way to see a place, anyone will tell you, is during a celebration. The townspeople are out and in the mood for fun. The air is light and happy, which make it easy for visitors to join in on the fun.




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