Dick Janson Sr. 1889-1964

Dick Janson Sr. was a story-teller of no mean talent. He was a big tough Swede, with a hearty laugh and a healthy disrespect for anything pompous in life. Dick was a symbol of a passing age - an age of Bindle Stiffs and Bull Swedes, strong men who knew how to tough it out and laugh it off.

He was an independent character who came to America and worked at tough jobs that took tough men. Dick lived thru history, too - Pancho Villa and the first air raid, dipnetting the abercrombie; but these episodes were often passed over in favor of such tidbits as dynamiting teredos - the very statement so absurd that anyone familiar with teredos would laugh before the story began.

Dick was the product of his times; a time before radio and TV, an age when folks made their own entertainment and a good storyteller was a man of renown. Everyone knew that a stop at Dick's cabin meant good hot, strong coffee and lots of good stories.

In Penny-Books, Series II, you can enjoy some of the stories that have survived in the memory of his daughter-in-law, writer Lone Janson.

- Book Four: Getting by in Pioneer Days - Read a sample ONLINE!

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