Traveler’s Guide to Seward, Alaska


Extras and Events

Silver Derby
The coho are coming! The coho are coming!  Every year in August when the coho (silver salmon) run is ending, Seward holds their time-honored Silver Derby.  Very popular among locals and loved by visitors the world over, anglers purchase tickets for this eight-day slugfest for the shining beauties.  Prizes are awarded daily for weight and for previously tagged “mystery fish”.  Proceeds go to fish enhancement programs in Resurrection Bay.
Mount Marathon Race
As a part of the town’s July 4th Independence Day celebration, Seward holds the Mount Marathon Race.  Legend has it the race began when two men got into an argument about whether or not it was possible to run to the top of Seward’s nearest mountain, now called Mt. Marathon, and back in an hour (and yes, the record stands at 43:23).

Today it is one of the most prestigious and brutal mountain races in the world.  Runners cover only a little over 3 miles, but they ascend 3,000 ft. then descend again along rugged terrain, avalanche paths and shale slides.
What Seward lacks in opulence it more than makes up for in craftsmanship.  Exceptionally talented artists have shops in Seward that are well worth your time.  Take an afternoon to look in windows and go in small shops downtown.  Especially, be on the lookout for mind-boggling woodcarvings.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, then pay Once in a Blue Moose a visit.  While it’s still possible to find fine gifts here, it is more fun than it is fancy.



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