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Richard Villa of Saint Elias Alpine Guides:
Glacier Treking Seminar

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Glacier Treking Seminar

There is no other wilderness where access to one of the most unique landforms on earth is so simple as in the Wrangell/St. Elias. These immense ice highways open country to the explorer with basic glacier travel skills that for everyone else is unattainable.

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The Glacier Trekking Seminar is designed to teach proper mountain techniques to safely handle this rugged world. All facets of glacier travel are taught, including: crevasse rescue, use of crampons and ice tools, rope work, knots, placing ice screws, constructing anchors, and possibly climbing on lead. Groups are purposefully kept small, allowing individuals to work on their own goals during the expedition..
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Our 1999 Training:

Cold Weather Survival Training
Crevasse Rescue Course
General Mountaineering Seminar
Ice Climbing Clinic

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