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Richard Villa of Saint Elias Alpine Guides:
Dog Mushing

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Dog Mushing with Chugach Paws
John Fowler

  • Dog sled Tours
  • 4 hour scenic dinner tours
  • Multi day wilderness adventures
  • Full day tours

Full day tours

We run a variety of trails which offer unique surroundings, terrain andviews for the folks that what to experience what it's like to ride in asled. Please allow a minimum of two hours for your tour. Sled capacityis a maximum of 180 pounds. Our basic tour begins at the trailsidewhere we load up the sled, hook up the dogs and hold your ears. Thenwe'll shoot down the trail for a few miles. We'll look for a scenicspot to rest and take some pictures.

If you have a group we can make a full day of your adventure with therides, breaks, and lunch scheduled into your day.

Multi day wilderness adventures

We're getting into a major project to stay in the wilds for more than aday or two . It takes extensive planning and preparation . Dependingalot on the weather and trail quality. A trip will go well if the propertime is taken to get in shape and make necessary reservations. Thesetrips require at least 30 day advance notice.

180 lbs. per sled. 1 person or two small kids will fit.

Overnight expeditions $225 per person per day Some remote trips require addition cost for airfare etc. Weather is always a considerable factor in Alaska. Contact us to help you accordingly .

Lets go mushin !!

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