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Richard Villa of Saint Elias Alpine Guides:
Day Adventure - Lifetime Memories!


Root Glacier - Walk with crampons on the Root Glacier and explore the mysterious and exquisite ice formations, cascading waterfalls, and unusual blue water pools common only to the ablation zone of glaciers. 4-6 hrs - $55 per person

Ice Climbing - An introduction to ice climbing. Come experience the technical skills utilized in climbing the high peaks in a "classroom" setting with a 360 degree view of the surrounding peaks. 8-10 hrs - $95 per person

Root Glacier Fly-In - Land on the ageless ice of the Root Glacier near the foot of Donoho Peak. Experience the realm of the glacier's ablation zone originating deep blue-hued water pools, surface streams of crystl clear water and miniature canyons melting their way into the ice. 4-6 hrs - $115 per person

Kennicott Glacier Fly-In - Land on a tiny dirt strip nesteled along-side the Kennicott Glacier. Walk among dazzling alpine wildflowers. Cross the lateral moraine and explore unique glacial formations such as moulons, pressure ridges, and ogives beneath Mt. Blackburn lying less than a dozen miles away. 8-10 hrs - $185 per person


Alpine Hikes - Day Adventures Castle Mountain - Enjoy a full day's hike along alpine ridges and rock glaciers to the base of Castle Mountain where we can explore the time-cleansed ruins, weathered wood and relics of the high-grading days of the Kennecott Copper Mines. Full Day - $95 per person

Bonanza Mine - Take a leisurely hike up the old Bonanza Mine Road looking down on the glaciated valley s below. Once above the trees, "North America's Mountain Kingdom" unfolds, and at the mine site the tram head, mine shaft entrance and other aspects of mining days can be seen. Full Day - $75 per person

Nikolai Pass Fly-In - Land in a high alpine pass within view of elusive Dall sheep. Explore in any direction the gentle rolling peaks and absorb the view of Chitistone Gorge and the immense St. Elias Range. Full Day - $210 per person.


Three Rivers Fly-In - Splash through Class 3 rapids on the Kennicott River, navigate the deep, vertical-walled Nizina River canyon, and fly back to McCarthy over the fantastic formations of the Kennicott Glacier. Full Day - $195 per person (4 person minimum)

Mountain bikes are available for hourly, half and full day rental. $35 per day

Historical Tour - Step back in time, actually walk through the interior of the 14 story Mill Building and the immense Power House in Kennecott. We have the exclusive rights to explore inside the mine buildings! Walking among the silent sentinels, we'll feel what it was like to live and work in this remote wilderness. 2 hrs - $25 per person

Nabesna trips leave from historic Devil's Mt. Lodge at the end of the Nabesna Road, a 42 mile long, state-maintained gravel road which allows access into this impressive northern corner of the Wrangell Mountains.

Interpretive Skookum Area Hikes - Volcanoes, wildflowers and Dall sheep: enjoy discovering and learning about the hidden wonders of these Nabesna residents on a hike tailored for your experience level. 1/4 Day - $25 per person 1/2 Day - $55 per person

Alpine Tundra Fly-In - The white massifs of Mt. Jarvis (13,421'), Sanford (16,237'), and Wrangell (14,163') greet you after a Super Cub lands you at 5400' on the tracks of Dall sheep. Hike through a myriad of wild flowers as you gradually descend through volcanic terrain to Jack Creek and the Nabesna Road. Full Day - $105 per person

Orange Hill Fly-In - Land near the terminus of the expansive Nabesna Glacier. From this point, surrounded by stunning views of the Wrangell and Nutzotin mountains, stroll through wildflowers of the periglacial environment, or climb the adjacent hills and cliffs to reach the alpine world shared by Dall sheep. Full Day - $135 per person, (2 person minimum)

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