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"Penny Books" Stories from the REAL ALASKA!

Lone Janson arrived in Alaska in 1945 as an adventure-seeking young girl. She has worked railroads, canneries, cooking, and commercial fishing alongside many of the old-timers she has written about. But through all her adventures, she has always been a journalist; first and foremost. Lone's many books and articles, through the years, have established her as one of Alaska's foremost historians.

Now you too can own a piece of this rich Alaska history. These stories have been carefully written to preserve the special flavor of the way the old-timers themselves told them. So full of rich Alaska history, yet wonderfully funny as told by the men and women who actually lived it.

HaHa Books, Series I

HaHa Books, Series II

All Penny books are $4.95 ea. (plus $.50 postage per book) or $20 per set (plus $1 postage per set)
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