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Enjoy pictures of Valdez Alaska. It's got alot of fishing pictures and a couple of the environment surrounding the town - The Prince William Sound and Thompson Pass. Prince William Sound is famous for halibut and Salmon fishing - as well as breath taking scenery with tidewater glaciers and mountainous coastline. Thompson Pass is a heli ski and snowboarding destination for adventure seekers from all over the world.

Click a picture to see a larger view. googlemountainview.jpgharb02.jpgwfront2.jpgweek7.jpg week4.jpg mfritzy.jpgbjbond.jpgroyfish1.jpg harbor1.jpg gshop1.jpg fishin5.jpg fishin4.jpg fish15.jpg fish11.jpg fish09.jpg eagle2.jpg dock01.jpg comfis1.jpg charter1.jpg bouy6.jpg boat1.jpg p000282a.jpg p000277.jpg eagle1.jpgmessages.jpg chugachh.jpg

alaskamag.jpg skininup.jpg thompsonpass.jpg 99cover.jpg kittycat.jpg bigtpass.jpg books2.jpg dalesfish.jpg


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